The must-haves for acing the 'fourth trimester'

The must-haves for acing the 'fourth trimester'

So you’ve had your baby. The hardest part is over right? Not exactly, as you're quickly finding out. As any new parent will tell you, the first three months with a new baby, or the 'fourth trimester' as it's known, can drive new parents to the brink of exhaustion. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of essentials to help you get through those first months.

Perfect for... sleep

Sleep is, without doubt, the number one thing that drops off the radar after you have a baby. Lazy Sunday lie-ins are a thing of the past, ironically at a time when they're most needed. Catch a few extra hours with the latest in 'please stay asleep' technology.

Lumie Bodyclock, £50, John Lewis

This clever alarm clock wakes you up gradually over 30 minutes with a natural sunlight effect. It helps you to regulate your sleep/wake cycle and has been awarded a John Lewis ‘Quiet Mark’ award. This means it will save you money and work discreetly without disrupting the tranquillity of your home. It’s a shame the same can’t be said for your baby!

Ostrich Pillow Original, £72,

We know, it looks funny. But this ingenious product allows you to nap anytime, anywhere. Beautifully soft and comfortable inside, snatch those precious few minutes of sleep wherever you are with the Ostrich Pillow!

Sleepyhead baby pod, £130,

Any products that will help baby sleep better will make all the difference to your own sleep. Designed to be used for babies aged 0-8 months, the Sleepyhead  Deluxe + baby pod provides a safe and comfy spot for baby to sleep. Maximising your baby’s sleep will let you rest for a few more precious minutes.

Ewan the dream sheep, £29.99,

Ewan has won countless awards from mums everywhere who attribute their children’s sleep to his calm vibes. He has four soothing sounds, including a vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody and recording of the womb. He also features a calming pink glow to soothe your baby - and you!

Perfect for... saving time

Time is also another valuable resource when you have a baby. Multi-tasking and time-saving tips and tricks will all help you to navigate the fourth trimester. Igluu meal prep containers, from £10.95,

What could be more time saving than having all your food for the week ready and waiting for you in the fridge? Welcome to the world of meal prepping! Containers like these from Igluu can be filled with meals made pre-baby and stored in the freezer ready to be heated up for those post-baby days when you can barely be bothered to open your eyes, let alone cook.

Crock-Pot, from £29.99,

Craving a home cooked meal after days of surviving on coffee and the odd piece of toast? Throw all of your ingredients into a slow-cooker, give it a stir and leave it to work it’s magic. Dinner can be cooking all day whilst you are busy being mum/dad. Friends and family can also chip in to help with this one - take the help if offered!

Reusable nappies, from £6 each,

Whilst reusable nappies involve more up-front investment, you could save an estimated £150 a year as opposed to using disposables. You'll save time in the supermarket aisles and as washing is a big part of any household, it's unlikely that you'll have a panicked 'It's 5pm on a Sunday and we're out of nappies!' moment. You'll also be more of a friend to the environment, with disposable nappies lasting up to 500 years in landfill.

Perfect for... keeping up your social life

Keeping your social life and independence is important when you have a baby.  Take that time for to relax and feel like yourself again, as opposed to “so and so who just had a baby”.

Baby Bjorn, from £79,

Can’t get a babysitter? Strap your baby to your front and go anywhere you like! Festivals, cafes, shopping, your baby can come along to it all.

Baby classes

Meet other mums and dads by taking your baby along to a club. Not a nightclub, but baby classes! Think yoga/music/dance - a great place to meet other people with similar interests and facing all the same challenges that you are!


Mumsnet is a fantastic place to share any concerns or worries you have and receive advice from real-life mums in return. Free to use, you’re bound to make online friends through their chat rooms. Maybe some might also blossom into real-life friendships if you meet mums in your local area.

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