G'day! Igluu containers launch on Amazon Australia

G'day! Igluu containers launch on Amazon Australia

Australia. The home of never ending sunshine, panoramic views and now... Igluu meal prep containers! Recognising the demand for meal prep products Down Under, we've launched our popular range of single, double and triple compartment containerson Amazon Australia for all you health-conscious Aussies (find us on Amazon here).

Life Down Under

It's no surprise that Australians embrace healthy living. Fresh food and fitness simply go hand in hand with the Australian lifestyle. The climate promotes better health from both a physical and mental perspective, driving a more active lifestyle for most Aussies who want to spend plenty of time outside. Open spaces such as beaches, pools and parks, even in urban areas are abundant, offering lots to do in the great outdoors. Fresh produce is also in supermarkets year round and simple home cooking is the popular choice across the country, creating the perfect storm for meal prep!

Prep popularity

As a result, meal prep has become extremely popular in households across Australia. The press regularly covers parents who share their impressive skills in the kitchen to create a week's worth of meals for their family in just a couple of hours - saving time and money. Meanwhile across the Australian fitness and Instagram community, influencers share their inspiring journeys and delicious recipes. Speaking of Instagrammers, fitness megastars like Kayla Itsines, Emily Skye and Tammy Hembrow all have more in common than just killer physiques, millions of followers and Insta-perfect diets: these successful women all hail from Australia. They've captured the attention of the international fitness community with their workouts, meal plans, fitness wear and much more.

Now, we've brought our BPA-free, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe meal prep trays to Amazon Australia - and thousands of Australian meal preppers who have been inspired by what they've seen online and read in the press, are keen to improve their health and fitness or simply want to make cooking a bit more fun and easy. Find us on Amazon Australia here!

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