Sunday rituals for a productive week

Sunday rituals for a productive week

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, or so the saying goes. But more often than not, Sundays are spent on the sofa with a film or at the pub. Weekends are precious, so why not? The only downside is, a full 24 hour shut down of all things productive can have knock-on effects for the rest of the week. We're definitely not saying you should spend the last day of the weekend rushed, stressed and busy. Instead, there are a few little rituals that can be both productive, easy and probably quite relaxing - just take a look at the #mealprepSunday hashtag on Instagram and you'll soon see that the end of the weekend is a revered and holy day for meal preppers everywhere! After all, nobody wants to hit 9pm on Sunday night and realise the fridge is empty and your work clothes are still in the wash basket. So by incorporating some new habits into your Sunday, you can set yourself up for a week of content!

Do a food shop

...or arrange for a delivery from your favourite supermarket to arrive on a Sunday! Making sure your fridge is stocked gives you a head start for the week, and means you've already got everything you need to make healthy meals for the next seven days. Plus, you'll save time after work that would otherwise be spent trawling up and down your local 24 hour shop looking for ingredients. Put a meal plan and shopping list together before you hit the aisles so you go in with a mission as soon as the clock strikes 10am!

Meal prep (and plan!)

Our favourite thing to do at the start of any week is putting that meal plan into action - that's what meal prep Sunday is all about! Whether you're on Slimming World, avoiding dairy or working on your macros, meal prepping helps you stay on track. Once you're back from the shop, grab your Igluu meal prep containers and start chopping, stirring and baking up a storm. Our containers are freezer and microwave safe so you can cook up a week's worth of healthy meals that can be popped in the microwave and served up in minutes. Setting an hour or so aside on a Sunday can save you time making up meals throughout the week - and helps keep your money in your pocket!

Write a to do list

If, like most people we know, you have a million and one things to get done and it feels like you have no time to do them, writing a to do list can be a huge help. Whether it's a list of things to get done throughout the week or it's a day-to-day list, you'll get the satisfaction of checking off your completed tasks and stay on top of things. Start your Sunday with a list and see how much you get done by next weekend!


We know. It isn't always fun to lace up your running shoes or do a session at the gym. So why not have an early morning swim or go to a yoga class? A Sunday morning can be seriously improved with a little bit of stretching, especially on a nice day! Take a walk, go running with a friend or do a bit of spring cleaning - you'll feel refreshed and motivated for the rest of the day and week.

Igluu meal prep containers are available to buy on our website or on Amazon.

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